My Journey as a Developer 🚀

Throughout my career as a software engineer, I've gained expertise in a variety of technologies, including PHP7 and PHP8, Go, MySQL, Symfony3 and 4, Slim3 and 4.
I'm also familiar with AWS services, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, and Git, which I use for streamlined code review and deployment processes.
In my pursuit of excellence, I always strive to follow best coding practices and standards, such as SOLID principles, KISS, DDD, DI, and design patterns, ensuring that my code is of the highest quality. To guarantee the reliability and efficiency of my work, I am a strong believer in the testing pyramid and employ tools like Behat and PHPUnit for thorough code testing.

As I continue to grow professionally, I am currently focusing on enhancing my knowledge in areas like architecture, design, scalability, efficiency, deployability, and testability.
This way, I can be at the forefront of the ever-evolving tech landscape and deliver outstanding results.

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